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GDG DevFest 2016 Signs

DevFest is a volunteer effort. It's amazing how much work goes into putting together a conference like this and doubly amazing that people give their time to make it a great experience for everyone. Most of my time was spent on making banners and signs like the ones you see here. The Google fans among you may have noticed that the postcard scene is composed of various Google product logos. My favorite is the Android Statue of Liberty. I hope we can make it into a sticker next year!

GDG DevFest reusable vertical banner GDG DevFest postcard
PAM Lab logo

PAM Lab Logo

If the letters look a little unusual, it's because they're symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). PAM stands for Phonetics, Acquisition & Multilingualism. The abstracted sound waves represent the type of data phoneticians commonly analyze (some of the waves they study even have that green color). The color fills represent the multilingualism part. The next time you're wondering about cross-linguistic phonological similarity, check out their Twitter.

Shower Scrubbie logo

Shower Scrubbie Logo

Exfoliating towels are great. I've used them since I was a kid. I grew up thinking everyone used them but later realized that you can only find them in Asian supermarkets. Thank goodness the internet changed that. Anyway, if you know what an exfoliating towel is, then the "S" in the logo makes more sense. If you like the font, it's called Creamy Script by Franck Montfermé. logo Logo

I made this as a placeholder for this site around the time I was getting into data visualization. I wanted to make something that communicated how integral New York City and my family are to my identity. If you like the font, it's called Arcus by Samuel Čarnoký.